4th & Long

Everything Marcus knows about his life suddenly comes to an end after a career-ending injury. Marcus must not only work through his physical rehabilitation, he must also learn to find a place for himself outside of being a football player. With the determination to continue to provide for his wife, Marcus builds his physical and mental strength in finding a new home in the world … Continue reading 4th & Long

Leave Me Alone

DeShawn and Eric are two men living similar lives, they both begin their days getting ready for work and spending the morning with their families. Despite how similar their mornings begin, when these two strangers meet the only thing they will see are their differences. This film examines the daily struggle between America’s police force and the Black community. This film is Gibson Reedy’s junior … Continue reading Leave Me Alone

“When I’m Gone”

Director Gibson Reedy creates a film for his portfolio to be submitted to California State University Long Beach’s Narrative Production program. The prompt was to: “Highlight something about your interests and personality that is not related to film. The main creative restriction is that you may NOT appear in the video in any way (no images of yourself and no use of your speaking voice).” Continue reading “When I’m Gone”

Selma The 50th Anniversary

Director Gibson Reedy travels to Selma, Alabama to capture the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday at the Selma Jubilee.This year marked the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday as recognized in the film “Selma”. The yearly Selma jubilee commemorates the Bloody Sunday marchers and this year honored the 50th anniversary of the biggest jubilee yet. the city of Selma welcomed 200,000 people from around the world, … Continue reading Selma The 50th Anniversary