Selma The 50th Anniversary

Director Gibson Reedy travels to Selma, Alabama to capture the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday at the Selma Jubilee.This year marked the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday as recognized in the film “Selma”. The yearly Selma jubilee commemorates the Bloody Sunday marchers and this year honored the 50th anniversary of the biggest jubilee yet. the city of Selma welcomed 200,000 people from around the world, including the Obamas, celebrities, 90 members of congress, leading Civil Rights leaders and national TV networks. In light of recent changes to voter ID laws and the unfair treatment to the Black community by police, the discussions cited current day race issues, their negative outcomes and the ways to help make change. The 52 mile March by freedom walkers 50 years ago symbolizes the fact that our country has a lot more marching to do. See what happened in Selma, learn from political leaders and hear from original Bloody Sunday marchers.


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