Art 110 Week 2 – Artist Interview – Chase

For the first visit to the CSULB Art galleries, I choose to visit the Marilyn Werby Gallery. The exhibit this week showcases 10 different artists’ paintings, offering a painting for each individual person. “Discovery Channel” by artist Chase, was the one that appealed the most to me. The painting has a lot to offer. Each person who viewed it, created their own separate thoughts, opinions and question. The painting, which shows an intense scene, left me wanting to know more. I got the opportunity to talk with Chase about his painting.

Chase graduated from CSULB last semester, but is back to partake in this week’s showcase. Chase explained he started painting at 18, drawn to the concept of the jungle, and all of the unknown it beholds. Setting out to capture pure chaos in “Discovery Channel”, his mission is evident. Chase explained that the CSULB art department strongly encourages students to use their own personal sketchbooks, as sources of inspiration for new work. Many pieces of the painting were captured separately. For example the chandelier, Chase photographed and sketched the object on a recent trip in New York City. Chase explained to me, how an artist must spend a large amount of time to prepare to paint a painting like “Discovery Channel”. Explaining “first you must decide which pieces will go into the painting. How big will each piece be, where on the canvas will it go, and how will it fit into the lighting of the painting” I personally think work like Chase does is a truly amazing way of self-expression.

Looking at the canvas its hard for myself to imagine what the artist may have been thinking during its painting. When you talk to the artist, seeing their passion and spirit, its apparent how meaningful the paintings are. Chase set out to create the image of chaos, which is the exact feeling you get when looking at the scene. I enjoyed the almost royal feeling given from the chandelier and colors of the painting. Yet in the royal setting complete chaos has broken out. The title “Discovery Channel” I believe is fitting. The painting shows exploration, the unknown, surprise and life. The chaotic scene is all being captured by a character, holding a video camera. This painting shows a scene that no doubt will leave you wanting to know more.

The rest of the gallery had many great paintings to offer to students, yet I was most fascinated with Chase’s “Discovery Channel” painting. It is very cool to see a way that one person may be expressing themselves, that is different from yours. I have great respect for these painters and the message they have conveyed. I would never choose to express myself with painting, so it’s inspiring to see those who do. I wish Chase all the best as he sets out into the world of art.

Close up of
Close up of “Discovery Channel.
Close up of
Close up of “Discovery Channel”
Artis Chase as painted by fellow artist.
Artis Chase as painted by fellow artist.

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