Art 110 Week #14 – ArtistConversation – Shihori Nakayama

This week I visited Shihori Nakayame’s exhibit “Recapturing the moment”. The pieces in this exhibit are very personal to Shihori but also offer a very unique and cool view of art and life. The pieces inspired by her own personal life depict moments important to her. The pieces to those who don’t know the personal stories see a more holistic ideal of art and life.

Most of the pieces are uniquely created to make one big piece. The various displays in the exhibit are made up of multiple small pieces of art all displayed together to create one larger image. Some images are divided sectionally or merge together to create something larger. These pieces show us a very interesting perception of art and even life.

IMG_20150425_013907 IMG_20150425_013925

These individual pieces that create one large piece shows us one of two things. First, these pieces show us individual art merged together can create new pieces of art. Small individual art pieces when put together can create a one hug piece. Secondly it shows that in life sometime many different things will happen, but all put together they create an overall outcome of some type. This exhibit shows us the process of how little pieces put together create a larger picture.

IMG_20150425_013840 IMG_20150425_013739 IMG_20150425_013700

The pieces in the exhibit are more personal to Shihori than many of use could know. She explains the exhibit as a visual journal of her life. Many of the scenes, people or places depicted in her art have symbolic meaning to her life. She brought her personal memories and life experiences to art, by sketching images from photos. Each piece big or small depicts importante things to her life. Whether it’s the small pieces of a person or event, or all the little multiple pieces put together to show a larger part of her life, Shihori enjoys seeing her life come to the walls.

IMG_20150425_013823 IMG_20150425_013600 IMG_20150425_013547

This exhibit is both personal for the artist and the viewer. Shihori bravely put her most important moments from life in art, to make a visual life journal. The pieces show us multiple small things whether in art or in life, added together create an over all larger image. The art in this exhibit is beautiful and forces you to stop and take a moment to look at the detail and trace everything to the larger image.

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