Art 110 Week #12 – Project – Algorithmic

This week’s art project brought the opportunity to not only try an art form, but actually learn what is. Algorithmic Art is a normally a visual art that is generated by a algorithm. It’s any type of art that is formed from sequence or pattern that repeats itself to form the art. Many times this type of art is computer generated, but many examples of human art pieces using this method do exist. I decided I would integrate photos and algorithmic art to create my masterpiece.

I created a Algorithmic sequence to create a type of time-lapse photo sequence. Using the same angel, framing, and setting for each photo to took a picture out my window every hour on the hour, for 12 hours. The sequencing of this art is the photos them selves. They are of the same angels guaranteed by a tripod and framed the same by locking in my zoom. I also kept the setting the same for each photo, which was an issue at night. I took the photos spanning 12 hours on the top of each hour. The pictures were captures from 12pm to 12am on Friday April 17th. This project was interesting to see how doing the same thing over and over can produce very different results after a longer time.


I choose the window next in my room to capture what each day more or less looks like. As we run around our busy day we often don’t look out the window. Some days I see the morning view, some just the afternoon view and often only the night sky out my window. I wanted to have almost surveillance like view of what my view is doing during the day while I’m gone. I expected there to be only a few different looks over the course of 12 hours, however almost each frame has an apparent different from the other. This project proved to me that even though this art is formed by a pattern or sequence, that most certainly doesn’t mean it will continue to look the same.

This art form is one many people do not know about. Its an interesting concept and can be challenging to create an idea for a project. Much of the art generated from Algorithmic is really impressive. My pictures tell the story of a day in the life of the patch of sky outside of my window. I enjoyed watching the pictures change from hour to hour. Although I did to do this for this project, I would like to find a way to create a photo collage using Algorithmic Art photos. This art form will continue to become more and more prevalent as technology continues to grow and become accessibly to everyone.

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