Art 110 Week #11 – Art Project – Sculpture

This week gave us the opportunity to enjoy wonderful southern California beach and our selves intergraded to our art. This weeks sculpture project allowed us to use our hands or feet to make fun sculptures. In order to make the art, we needed the beach to complete our sculpture. Mixing together art and partying at the beach is something nobody would complain about.

To create our foot or hand art sculptures, the beach is used as the form or mold to make the sculpture. First you must dig a whole the sand, placing your hand or feet in the whole. Then you need to cover your foot or hand in sand, carefully removing the foot or hand out of the sand. This leaves a whole that is the shape of your foot or hand. Next you poor plaster in the whole letting set at least 30 minutes. Once you pull the sand away from your set plaster, you have a perfect sculpture. This project may not sound easy, but it’s really fun to make.

IMG_9692 IMG_9685 IMG_9684 IMG_9681 IMG_9736 IMG_9705

I have to admit I was extremely weary about how well this process would actually work. I couldn’t imagine how doing all of this would make such a sculpture. I set out to prove my self-wrong. I found packing the sand around my hand was a key part to making the sculpture. Carefully removing you hand without destroying the whole was no easy task. I let the plaster set for about an hour to ensure it fully set. I made a second sculpture for back up and was shocked when both hands turned out well. I really could not believe how well their final form was.

IMG_9746 IMG_9744 IMG_9743 IMG_9742

This project allows you to create cool art and enjoy a couple hours at the beach. This project uses sand to create a mold cast for your hand or foot. The final piece is a very cool sand covered sculpture of your hand or foot. This project helps to show how sculptress are formed and made. The sand is the perfect material that can be shaped into any form and filled with plaster to create any kind of sculpture. I might just enjoy trying another sculpture piece in sand this summer. All in all how can you beat a day the beach making cool art?

IMG_9748 IMG_9749 IMG_9750 IMG_9751

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