Art 110 Week #10 – Artist Conversation – Dawn Ertl

This week I enjoyed the creative expressions of artist Dawn Ertl in her instillation “Radius of Action”. Her display’s uses fabric with other materials intertwined to tackle interesting ideas. The first idea presents the way weather moves, acts and affects itself. The second display shows the cause, movement and connections in music. Both of these abstracts ideas do present interesting expression, once you grasp what the pieces are saying.

The first display tackled a hard concept for most of use to understand. Ertl’s display attempts to show how the weather works, moves and evolves. As a natural force weather acts on its own, causing affects on itself across the glob. Expressed with web like sheets of fabric, you can begin to see its representation of weather. The fabrics come in all different colors, thicknesses and moves in different directions. Some sections are thick with fabric, while some areas are scarcely strung. The sheets of fabric fall from the sealing all the way to the floor. These net displays abstractly show the liveliness of weather.


The pieces abstractly show how weather operates. It may be difficult to see, but these fabric creations do show us how chaotic the weather is. The pieces express how weather moves in random ways, creates different shapes and forms various sizes. Weather often forms as it moves, one act of weather can create ripple affects affecting weather somewhere alts in the world. It’s difficult to guess or predict the weather and often we feel the impact weather, whether it happens near us or not. These fabric pieces show the reshaping, movements and colors of the ever changing weather.


The next piece shows us the movement and shaping of music, in an impressive display. Ertl’s music piece hangs from the sealing taking up almost half the gallery. The mosh pit of strings created a web of intertwined colors. The piece made up of fabrics, cloths, paper and even plastic bags creates individual threads all intermingled and twisted together. Speakers hang throughout the piece playing music. You can look at this piece from the sides, the bottom or from any angle you choose. The piece suspended in mid air, meets every individual person who looks in its direction face level. This piece is able to express the energy created by music.

IMG_20150324_054641 IMG_20150324_054852

Music is sounds, beats and vibration mixed together to create a song. Music from all different genres, places and stlys mix together in the world, to create what everyone one listens to. This display is a real life Itunes visualizer. In Itunes you can choose to display the visualizer, which mixes collars and crazy images to your music. Ertl’s piece creates a gigantic fabric Itunes visualizes. An individual string represents each song. We often don’t realize how songs are hundreds if not thousands of mixed together beats and sounds, then all preformed together to create a song. Songs are then mixed together from all cross the world to make webs of music, musical genres and even cultures. Music is a web of tangled strings that create something beautiful, crazy and massive when all mixed together.

IMG_20150324_054813 IMG_20150324_054737

Ertl’s pieces are an impressive display of showing something nearly impossible to present to people, all by using fabric. Fabric nets depict the random movements of weather. While her largest display shows use how music is made up of many sounds and songs, intertwined and intermingled. Both of these ideas are hard for the human brain to understand. These ideas are so random, massive and almost “unreal” these concepts are hard to visualize. Ertl expertly crafted art pieces aiming to best represent these concepts on a small visual scale. These two concepts are fun and kind of scary to think about, because it’s amazing to think we have no control over these two elements. As we live our lives the weather will always be changing affecting our conditions, while music will continue to flow and transform helping use to feel emotions.

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