Art 110 Week #8 – Activity – Remix culture

This weeks activity dared to tackle the remix culture found in our society, opening the door for endless kinds of creations. Remixing can be sued in the mediums of music, videos, photos, literacy, or physical objects. This week allowed for great creativity for remixing.

Remix culture takes many shapes in our lives. Sometimes it’s for entertainment, hobbies, selling products or just for fun. You can find remixed content where ever your go. Most of it is very interesting, while some is less thought provoking. Remixing allows people to take what they find interesting or inspiring and change it so they can express their individual ideas. This can cause problems for artist who can find their original work being remixed without permission. People can misuse remixing, just as easy as they can use it. Remixes can change the content, style, look or message of the content their mixing. However they can also help to improve, renew and offer a different view of the remixed material.

Remixing culture greatly worries me. I believe the remixing of music is fine. I see no problem with DJ mixing, tribute vides using famous songs or people performing covers. I believe as long as they are keeping with the music its fine. It’s when people begin to remix videos, photos or written pieces. This can ruin the original content of the artist intended. People have no right, to change something that somebody created. Its disrespectful to change this content as you can damage the meaning of the original content. I chose to add a creative common license to my webpage. The license I chose only allows people to use my work in its entirety with due credit. I chose this because I don’t want somebody to use bits and pieces of my work which can be taken out of context.


After having so much fun with the photo project last week I wanted to once again use photos in this week’s task. I decided to remix famous paintings, to show how remixing can change the meaning or look of a painting. Although these are famous paintings we all viewed and examined countless times. By changing the coloring, contrast and adding affects it’s easy to drastically change how photos look. I’ve posted both the original and the remixed photos together, to show the different looks. I enjoyed trying crazy affects on the photos to see how they can be changed. I though it would be especially fun to use famous photos we often don’t get to see a different perspective on. This photo remixing project was very fun and created some very funny results.

original picture of the last supper original picture of the last supper

most-famous-paintings-16 most-famous-paintings-16

david-napoleon-alps-resized-600 david-napoleon-alps-resized-600

This week we entered the world of remix culture. It’s a tricky world where amazing masterpieces can be created or thought provoking art can be ruined. Remixing can help show new or fresh perspective on original pieces of work. Remixing can also change the context of the organ piece. Remixing is prevalent to many forms of art music, videos, photos, paintings, writing and even objects can all be remixed. Remixing allows taking art we already enjoy and putting our own personal spin on it. This week allowed for an immense amount of creativity and gets you thinking about remixing.

images imagesgdf

302 One of the Art Institute of Chicago's most famous paintings - Nighthawks by Edward Hopper (1942) 302 One of the Art Institute of Chicago's most famous paintings - Nighthawks by Edward Hopper (1942)

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