Art 110 Week #7 – Activity – Photography

This weeks task at hand demanded not only photography skill but also the mental ability to imagine you’re own death. The photography assignment is to use two pictures to depict your death. The project more challenging than it may sound goes beyond the art of photography to the art imagination.

For me this project seems seemingly easy, as I greatly enjoy the art of photography. I’m always looking for the best photos, angels, lighting and effects. I couldn’t wait to have a photography project. However the subject of our photography created more thought. It sounds fun and easy to depict you own death, until you start trying to imagine how it might actually go down. I went through countless scenarios in my head for my death that could photograph, which quickly lead into scenarios that I would not have been able to depict through a photo. After redirecting my thoughts to something more manageable, I finally I had an idea and it was time to create it.

The first photo shows myself setting in the bathroom looking at mirror. The photo looks is seemingly normal, somebody sitting in the bathroom. The only for shadowing offered for the next photo, is the oddly colored and blurred affect on the image. The second photo shows me passed out in front of the mirror, holding my phone displaying a brake up text with pills spilling on to the counter. The black and white photos only offers collar of the phones message as well as the pills. This image depicts a problem many of us have when it comes to love.

Is he just getting ready for the day or winding down from a long night?
Is he just getting ready for the day or winding down from a long night?
The power of love can be amazingly  terrible.
The power of love can be amazingly terrible.

Although I have never been in love; in a deep relationship or broken up with, I have of course heard the story’s, seen the affects and know my day is coming. The photos show us how powerful love can be, not necessarily good at all times. When we loose somebody we truly love, we almost always feel as if it’s the end of the world. Too many people indulge in bad habits or even end their life’s when it seems everything has went wrong in a relationship. Love is truly the most amazing thing. Many of us get drunk off our love for somebody, describe it as the most amazing feeling, and are ruined by love when it’s broken.

This seemingly easy photography project, called for lots of work deciding how will you die in your photos. The photography aspect allows you only two frames to show how it will all go down. Your challenge is to create an idea and depict it in two shots. My photos show the power love has. Love can lift us to unbelievable highs, but can tear us down to unbelievable lows. This project makes you do lots of planning of how to execute your final piece. I enjoyed using angles, colors, blurriness and other aspect of photography to shape the message I was trying to convey. This project shows everybody the power a single frame have and story it can tell.


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