Art 110 Week #7 – Artist Conversation – CSULB Photo Club

This week I had a great time viewing photography by the CSULB photo club. The photos ranged from photo shop art, reprinted photos, body part shots, surveillance photos, party photos and portraits of people. The wide range of pictures all have a common dramatic flair to them. These photos may express many different idea and concepts but are all created by talented photographers.

The pieces that first caught my eye were some kind of 3D “wrinkled fabric”, type of “something”. On closer inspection the pictures confused me even more, they almost appeared to not be pictures at all. Upon talking with the photographer I learned they are actually pictures of printed pictures. The photographer took the pictures, printed them onto crinkled fabric, and then re-photographed the original pictures on the fabric. In a truly amazing effect it not only appears 3D, but also almost appears to be some kind of computer generated graphic.

Next was a photo that left me so confused, I finally concluded there was photo shop at play. Looking a this large photo leaning up against the wall its easy to pick out certain pieces of the photo. Rocks? Yes. A mirror? Yes. The other photo depicts some fake grass carpet in a rocky setting, at sunset. I finally had to ask the photographer what was gong on. She admitted that pieces of photos were merged together using photo shop. Yet its not obvious there’s photo shop involved, until your realize the pictures simply could not have been built. These two photos offer an interesting look at how real the fake can appear.

This exhibit offers a lot to look at, not because it’s photography, because the photos are so rich with content. The wide rang of content covered in this exhibit; shows how photography has the power to cover almost any topic. The photographers show us how just a single frame has the power to start conversations. Despite the photos by different photographers of no specific relation, the photos still flowed in away that lead you through exhibit, making you excited to see what the next collection would be. I greatly enjoyed my time with the photographers and look forward to viewing the work of CSULB photo club again.


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