Art 110 Week #4 – Activity – Performance Art

This week we attempted our most creative and more open-ended activity. To make a sequence of media as if you were on a TV show, doing something out of the normal. This project brought many possibilities, making it an interesting activity, as it’s more up to the individual what to do. I chose to make a short sequence from my own TV show depicting what was supposed to be “A Chill Night Out”.

Many of use have dreamed of being on TV, I know I have dreamed of having my own reality TV show, being in a music video or having a leading role on a show. I decided I would make a sample clip of the craziness one might see on TV show about me. Being a filmmaker I knew the best way to do this was to write, film and edit my own segment. Using little guidance and my Samsung Galaxy S4 I set out to capture “TV Show” night out. 

My video first begin with me explaining to buddies it should be a chill night out. As the music builds so does the night. From Rock concerts, to DJ’s and even Ice cube the night quickly spirals out of control. As the night ends and the music comes to a close I’ve miraculously made it back to my bed. This video showed what life on my own realty show might be like. Instead of staying in and watching movies, nights would be filled with concerts, parties, and VIP experiences. Watching the clip its fun to see what the reality TV Gibson Reedy might be like. 

This project allowed each student to make his or her own product. No right or wrong, just inspiration. My inspiration came from my want to party and put it on reality TV. I enjoyed making a video with more abstract images and clips, letting the power of editing alter the images. I enjoyed this project because I got to try something new with my filmmaker. Although it’s no an award winner I think its a pretty good piece work. The major take away from this project is that adding fun, crazy spur of the moment activities in life helps to spice the otherwise dull days. If we can all learn to find more fun in our daily activities we can better be in the moment and experience what we are doing. I can’t wait to make another fun upbeat piece like this again. 

WATCH: “Just A Chill Night Out”


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